Blackstar R/C Yacht

radio controlled sailboats

RC Sailboats Since 1983

Blackstar 36       $499.00  plus shipping
Blackstar 30       $329.00  plus shipping
Blackstar SS       $219.00  plus shipping
Blackstar 21       $239.00  plus shipping 
12.5 Footy          $219.00  plus shipping

To order a boat or ask questions please fill out the form under Contact Us and I will respond within 24 hours.

Boats are available in kit form. email me for pricing depending on how much of a kit you want.

All boats come fully built in your choice of color and include 2ch AM Radios
2.4 gzh radios are available upon request.

I am Christopher Lones the designer and builder of  Blackstar radio controlled sailboats since 1983. All my boats are Fiberglass with Carbon Spars and Mylar sails.

Like most people who enjoy tinkering in the garage with their hobbies, I have just taken it a little further. I build every boat I sell, and that is well over two-thousand to date. They are a quality product that you will get many years of joy from. The boats are all built using exacting molds, scales, and templates so that I can produce the same boat every time.

 Footy Class has become very popular around the world and the Blackstar Footy is a great way to get into this rapidly growing class. It is one of the few ready to sail boats available.

New for 2010 my new Blackstar 30, this boat has excellent sailing characteristics and will taken on much bigger boats.

Blackstar SS is a new sport skiff modeled after a modern sport racing shiff like the Bic Open. It is easy to sail with excellent performance. 

They all sail and look great on the water or on display.
If you are in the Miami Fl area we sail at Baptist Hospital 3 pm Sundays.

If you are in the Denver Area I am starting up sailing at Harper Lake eamail me for times


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Radio controlled sailboat
New Projects coming soon

31 inch Sport Fish

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